Friday, May 12, 2017

Let all creation sing!

May 12, 2017 I was in the garden (one of my favorite places to meet God) and I noticed some ducklings way down the creek. I had been waiting for them to hatch, and this is the first day I saw them. I went to the house to get binoculars. I stood in the yard and watched them through the binoculars for awhile. Gradually, I took small steps to get closer without scaring them. It took me a good fifteen minutes to reach the bank of the creek, where I stood still and watched the babies swimming and eating. They were so tiny and cute. I wanted to see them closer, so I prayed that God would let them know that I love them almost as much as He does and would never harm them. Then I asked Him to send them closer so I could see them better. Right then, they turned in my direction and started swimming slowly towards me. They were still a long way off and I didn't really think they would get much closer, because they knew I was there. It took them awhile, but they kept swimming slowly but steadily right for me. When they got directly in front of me, the mom actually stopped, turned to face me, and presented her nine babies to me. She looked proud. I thanked her for showing me her babies, and of course I thanked God. I started singing praise songs right there with the birds and the creek and the ducks chirping along. It was absolutely glorious. 

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Jenjo11 said...

What a wonderful post to share! I can totally picture this happening.