Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Colorado--Day 5

Mike and I met a realtor this morning, who showed us several lots in the area we like.  We're working on figuring out finances and details. Our dream is to build a house and move here after Mike retires. 

 Mike and the kids rode horses. I have thought a lot in the past year about the many ways I have exploited animals all my life, and I don't want to be involved in it anymore.  I used to go fishing and horseback riding, but I don't now.  So I went for a hike.
Noah on Pepper, Mike on Stormy, and Sarah on Missy.

 My hiking buddy
 We've seen this strange creature a lot today.  I assume he's some sort of squirrel, but I've never seen one with such long ears and a long tail. His fur looks silky.
 Another creature I've never seen before.  Jackrabbit? Hare?  You can't tell from this picture how big he was, but he was BIG.
 Sleeping Indian Mountain.  The head is on the left, arms folded across his chest, feet on the right.
Mike and I went to visit our lot again at sunset and ended up on a different adventure that involved this spectacular grove of aspen trees, a trout pond, and a beautiful hike along a rushing river.

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