Wednesday, June 14, 2017


If you're not into TMI, stop reading now.
Being way up here at 9000 feet above sea level has interesting, and rather unpleasant effects on the body.  Most noticeably, it's hard to breathe. I can't walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without panting for air.  The air is not only thin but also incredibly dry.  I put lotion on constantly, and my skin just sucks it up and stays dry.  The insides of my nostrils are like a desert, and the boogs that form are hard and dry like little rocks.  I always feel congested.  My hair feels like straw and is full of static electricity.  I've also proven Boyle's law.  Remember this one from high school?  "The absolute pressure and the volume of a gas are inversely proportional."  So since the air pressure outside the body is decreased up here, the pressure inside increases, and that means....extremely prolific farting, all day and even all night long.  But this weather and these views are all worth it.

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