Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trying out a new camera

I bought a new camera today.  I have 30 days to try it, so I'm going to test it fully and take it on vacation next week.  The goal is to find a good, compact camera to take on the giant Korea expedition next year.  I had lots of fun playing with it today.  I was amazed that Noah took it out of the box and immediately started explaining features to me that I didn't even know it had.  He had never seen this camera before, and I asked him how he knew so much about it, and he just shrugged as if it were common knowledge.  Then he said, "My generation just wakes up knowing stuff."

The first picture I took with it is my favorite:
Shiloh, the most curious of all our cats, noticed something new and stuck her nose right in it.
 My next favorite is the selfie series.  One of the features that Noah immediately showed me was how the LCD screen flips around for selfies.  In the first picture, I had just showed that feature to Mike:
 In this next one, he realized that I really was taking a selfie:
 And then we both made a silly face, without even communicating about it:
 I think Noah is sorry he showed us the selfie feature. Then I went outside to practice the zoom. Fortunately, bunnies and birds were visiting the garden and provided easy targets:


 Caught this robin with a strawberry in his beak.

And here's the weirdest thing I saw all day:  a freakishly bald cardinal!

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