Friday, June 23, 2017

Jump roping armadillo

I had a date with Noah before we go pick up Sarah from camp today.  I bought him a slushie and took him to the library, where Andy the Armadillo (Texas Roadhouse's mascot) gave him a plastic cowboy hat.  He was too cool to wear it, but I wasn't. 

We watched a Guinness World Record guy jump rope and do all kinds of tricks.  It was a nice day to sit in the shade three feet away from my son (wouldn't be cool to sit any closer to me) and watch something interesting we've never seen before.

The jump rope guy even called the armadillo up to jump with him.  That didn't work very well, but at least we can say we've seen a jump roping armadillo.

We're going to pick up Sarah soon, and I rented a movie that she's been wanting to see, so I'm hoping to have a movie night with her tonight. She'll sit close to me but won't hug me.  Noah will hug me, as long as it's not in public. I'll take what I can get.  I love my teenagers.

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