Friday, June 16, 2017

Colorado--Day 7

Our last day. Bittersweet.  So hard to leave this place, but I look forward to being able to breathe again and pet my cats.  Mike and I went out early this morning to look at lots. Meeting the realtor tonight.  Going white water rafting through Browns Canyon this afternoon.  Trying to balance vacation fun with the work of looking for land. I just caught Mike mumbling to himself, "Paved roads, natural gas..." It has been a wonderful week, but not very relaxing.  Starting the process of washing sheets and towels and getting packed up to go home.
Rafting was wonderful! We all loved it, especially Sarah, who smiled big the whole time and even burst out into laughter at one point.

 The back of Noah's life jacket kept blowing up and hitting him in the back of the head. He thought it was me tapping him on the head because I wanted him to turn around for a picture. So in this picture, he's saying, "Mom! Would you stop taking pictures!"
Our guide, Natalie, took this one during a calm stretch of water.
Near the end of the trip, Natalie said we could relax and move around because the rapids were over.  I relaxed.  Soon after that, a rock collided with the raft right at the spot where I was, and it popped me out like a cork.  I went sprawling across the raft and almost went over the other side, but my hero (Mike) grabbed my ankle and hauled me back in.  Somehow I didn't even let go of my paddle.

When we got back to the cabin, it was right back to work. We met Bob the realtor at our last prospective subdivision.  We think we found a winner. We'll have a 16 hour drive to finalize our decision tomorrow.
It was a perfectly beautiful night to go out on the deck and look at the stars.  We could see so many!

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