Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fools Day

It has a been a strange, fun day.  My best trick was switching Mike's dresser drawers around.  His dress socks were where his underwear normally is.  He had all the drawers open, rooting around in them, totally confused.  Good times!

I had planned to put plastic wrap over Noah's bedroom door so he would smack into it when he came out of his room, but he stayed up too late for me to set it up last night.  So Mike and I were taping it up early this morning, and Noah busted us.  He thought the cats were scratching at his door, trying to get in.  He went back to sleep and forgot about it and crashed right into the plastic wrap when he came out later.  I didn't do anything to Sarah, because she doesn't take jokes well.

Mike covered the bottom of my computer mouse with a piece of paper so it wouldn't work.  That was annoying.  I finally flipped the mouse over to see what was wrong with it and saw a note that said, "Happy April Fool's Day!"  Even more annoying was the fact that he loosened the light bulb in the reading lamp by my bed.  I turned it on to read last night and nothing happened.  I decided to watch TV instead (too lazy to deal with the light).  At 2:00 a.m., I was wide awake, so I decided to read.  Forgot that the lamp didn't work, turned it on...still dark.  So I got out of bed, crawled around on the floor, feeling in the dark for the plug.  It seemed to be plugged in, and I couldn't fathom why it wasn't working.  Annoyed, I lay awake staring at the ceiling with nothing to do but think.  Hours later when Mike woke up, I told him about it, and he smirked and said, "Hmmm, I wonder why the light wouldn't come on."  He also made a fake turd and left it on the kitchen floor.  That didn't really fool me.  His best trick that really got me good was this one:
He put a black Chuckles in a Double Bubble wrapper.  He knows I have a gum addiction and chew many pieces a day.  I usually don't even look at it, just open the wrapper and pop the gum in my mouth.  For some reason, I glanced at this one after I unwrapped it, and I was totally horrified!  I stalked over to him, sputtering about how I'm going to write to the company and how can this be and blah, blah, blah. He busted out laughing.  I rewrapped it and plan to give it to the first kid who asks me for a piece of gum.

Even the Wii balance board tricked me:

I told everybody that I was making brownies for dessert.  I brought this pan to the table and told them to dig in:

But inside was just brown E's:

Mike was the first to react.  With a mixture of sadness and madness, he said, "You mean there's really no brownies?"  I knew that would be his reaction, so I had made a pan of real brownies.  The joke turned out to be on all of us though, because I had tried a "healthy" recipe, and they were disgusting.  We slathered them with ice cream and fudge sauce.  Noah said the brown E's tasted just about as good.

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Anonymous said...

Janel, Kudos to you for such great tricks! The brown e one is the best!