Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dishes and crafting

The dishwasher died last week.  I spent about 3 hours washing dishes on the weekend.  I had just finished when a kid came along, set a dirty plate on the counter, and reached for a clean one.  I said, "Just knock the crumbs off and use it again!"  My standards of cleanliness are significantly lower now.  Unless your plate fell into a pile of poop, you're using it again.  Now we have a new system.  You get one set of dishes (plate, cup, bowl, fork, spoon, knife) that you use, rinse, put on your placemat, and keep using.  Sarah really got into making the placemats.

 Noah drew the motorcycle

Sarah also made a checklist for Noah so he wouldn't forget anything when he goes to his baseball games.

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