Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Texas--day 4

Tuesday.  Nice relaxing day around the house.  Too cold to swim (but Sarah pushed Noah into the pool anyway). 
 Mike and Noah played catch.

 Stan took Sarah for a walk.

 Stan and Noah played ball.
Mike took apart the guts of the cooler, which died at an inopportune time.    

We took Stan and Milt to the park.  Note Milt watching me nervously.  He never did trust me fully.

 At the park, we noticed this killdeer putting on a huge show, acting like it had a broken wing, fluttering and squawking and creating quite a diversion, so I suspected she must have a nest nearby. 

A little searching, and we found the nest.

Wish we could be here to see them hatch.

 While everyone else left for a Texas Rangers game, Sarah and I went exploring in Rockwall.  We drove by a house with a beautiful field of bluebonnets in the back yard.  I rang the doorbell and met the lovely lady who lives there and asked her if we could run through her field and take pictures.  

After visiting the bluebonnets, we drove into town and did some shopping.  I found a replacement part for the cooler, bought a few essentials, and took Sarah to some stores she wanted to visit.
 Uncle Matt, Aunt Kathy, and Noah at the Rangers game.

It was a nice breezy night, and Noah had fun even though the Rangers lost.

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