Sunday, April 6, 2014


Noah rode his ripstick to church.  I rode my bike.  Mike drove the princess.  After church, I biked home and started making lunch while Mike picked up the kids from their classes.  When he got home, he announced that we were having company for lunch and the afternoon.  Noah wanted to bring a friend home with him, so the dads and kids worked it out.  My kitchen was a big mess, because the dishwasher died a few days ago, and there were dirty dishes all over the counter.  Also, Mike had just installed an undermount radio under one of the cabinets yesterday, so the stuff that is usually in that cabinet was all over the counter too, as well as wood shavings, tools, etc.  On top of all that, I was gone all day yesterday.  The extra kid sat down for lunch, glanced around the kitchen and said, "This looks just like our's a pit!"  I cleaned for a long time after lunch.

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