Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Texas--day 3

 The two dogs who slept with us all night wanted petted first thing in the morning.  Zoe on the left and Stan on the right.
 Stan going for a lick on Noah

Sarah getting kisses from Zoe
Mike's sister's husband plays in the Dallas Symphony, and he a gave us a very interesting tour of this place.

  a model of the building

 Gouge marks in the floor of the stage where the bass players sit. 

 Sarah doing a handstand on the stage

 beautiful pipe organ

 All the marble from the lobby came from the same quarry in Italy.

 Noah by Uncle Matt's picture

Walking downtown, heading for the food trucks

We ate lunch in this park that was built right over the freeway (see next picture).

 Then back to Matt & Kathy's for more fun in the pool.  Noah is pretending the water noodle is his horse, and he has a pistol in each hand. The bad guys chased him until he had no choice but to jump off the cliff.

We finished the night off with a few rounds of bananagrams.  
Sarah made "Kathy & Matt rock!"

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