Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Texas trip--days 1&2

After the tournament, we headed south a couple hours and stayed in Rolla, Missouri.  Apparently nothing interesting happened because I didn't take any pictures.  We pretty much ate, swam, and slept.
4/27/14 (Sunday)
8:00 a.m. We left the hotel after a quick breakfast.
9:20 gas stop at Marshfield, MO.  $3.35/gal x 14.9 gal = $50.06
10:30 Noah appears to be asleep!  But maybe he's just listening to music.  Mike is bored.  He's reading all the road signs out loud, being weird, and waxing philosophical about Pink Floyd and armadillos.
10:50 gas at Joplin, MO.  $3.29/gal.  I think we only got about 3 gallons, but that's the cheapest gas we've seen in along time.
11:35 $4 toll in Oklahoma.  We must have crossed into Oklahoma while I was passing out food, because I didn't notice.  There was a sign at the toll booth that said to ask for a receipt if you're exiting at Big Cabin, which we were.  Mike said, "Can I get a receipt, please?  We're exiting at Big Ben."  Dark clouds swirling around ominously.   Just a few spots of rain.  (Found out later that a tornado went through this area a few hours after we did).
12:04  p.m.  I just yelled, "Oh, look!  A little calf running!" then realized it was just a dog.  5 dead armadillos on the road so far.
1:00 Sarah needed a pee stop, so we stopped at this little Amish store. 
 When we pulled in, Noah said, "Is this Uncle Matt and Aunt Kathy's house?"

We tried a sample of this (delicious!!) and bought a bag for Matt and Kathy. 

2:45 gas at some hot, dirty place in the middle of Oklahoma.  Atoka, I think.  $3.39/gal x 10.8 gal = $36.56.
5:00 arrived at Matt & Kathy's, took a tour of their awesome house, and got right in the pool. 
 Too hot for us northerners!

Noah is wearing pajama pants and shoes, because he wasn't expecting to get in the pool. An unheated outdoor pool is still very cold in April! Mike shoved him in, and he came up smiling.  He's such a great sport!  

Noah making tacos and Sarah making lemonade.

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