Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bad day busters

It was one of those days.  It wasn't the worst day of my life; none of my loved ones died; our house didn't burn down; it was just a lousy, rotten day full of one disappointing/negative thing after another.  So I'm compiling a list (in no particular order) of things to do to reverse a bad day.  Obviously, I didn't do all of these today, but I did several of them, and it helped turn my attitude around.  Feel free to add to the list in the comments. 

Take a shower
Watch a funny video
Read the Bible
Listen to a Fernando Ortega song
Pet a cat
Vacuum all the floors
Mop the kitchen
Serve someone else
Remember that someone else has it way worse than you
Hug a kid
Take 10 deep breaths
Count your blessings
Turn on loud music and dance
Go outside and look at something God made
Wash dishes

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