Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shoving match

I was playing on our ipad while the chinchillas were having their exercise time.  Kozmo, who is full of attitude and very reminiscent of a toddler, scampered over and started chewing on the ipad cover.  I gently scolded him and pushed him away.  He resisted, refusing to be pushed away, and kept chewing.  I put my finger on his furry gray nose and pushed it back, much harder this time.  He still didn't release his grip.  Then he sat back on his hind legs, still holding onto the ipad with his right hand, and gave me a Walter Payton straight-arm with his left, an act of pure independent defiance.  I actually said out loud to him, "Are you shoving me?  Who do you think you are, little rodent?"  I had to play the I-outweigh-you-by-well-over-a-hundred-pounds card and forcibly remove him. 

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