Saturday, January 24, 2015

The mall

 Sarah loves shopping at Bath & Body Works.   Uncle Matt & Aunt Kathy gave her a gift card for Christmas, and she had lots of fun spending it.

Carrying her bag of goodies down the stairs. 
 Noah hates Bath & Body Works as much as Sarah loves it.  He says it's too smelly and gives him a headache.  He was a pretty good sport about going to the mall, except when he put her in a chokehold for making him smell her hand sanitizer.

 Claires, another of Sarah's favorites.

 She likes to try on all the wacky glasses.

 She put a headband on me (with pigtails and pink bows attached) and glasses.

 She even got to jump on the bungee trampoline, compliments of her buddy, Pastor Harry.  She has a special bond with him and is always making things to give him, and he does nice things for her too. 

She bought these sunglasses at Claire's, also compliments of Pastor Harry.

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