Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Studying with kids

The kids and I were working on our CBS homework today.  One of the questions was, "Why did the king grant Ezra all that he asked for?" and the answer from Ezra 7:6 was "because God's hand was on him."  In discussing this question, Sarah said, "The king gave Ezra whatever he wanted because God was shoving him."  We had to have a little chat about what it means to have God's hand on you (i.e. it doesn't mean He's shoving you.)

Another question was about which groups of people went to Jerusalem, and the answer was supposed to be Levites, singers, priests, etc.  Sarah read it as "Levites, singers, pretzels...oh's priests, not pretzels.  I think I'm just hungry." 

The last thing they were supposed to do was rewrite Psalm 1:1-3 in their own words.  Sarah started out saying, "Blessed are the people.." at which point I interrupted her and reminded her that it was supposed to be something SHE would actually say and that I've never heard her say "blessed are the people".  Noah took it to heart and rewrote it in his very own words:  "Eat God's word, and poop it out to others."

It's always interesting to study with these people. 

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