Monday, January 6, 2014

Strange conversations this morning

Mike came in from shoveling, and we spent a good 10 minutes discussing nose prosthetics.  Some of the highlights were: What if your nose freezes off? Can they just mold you a new one out of some kind of claylike material?  How would they glue it on? It would be handy for picking purposes if it was removable.  It would also make trimming your nose hairs easier.  Would you still have nose hairs? Would they grow? It would be funny if somebody hit you in the nose and it caved in and you could just pop it back out.  Maybe you could make different shaped noses for different occasions.  It would be nice to have a cute little removable button nose instead of this big schnoz.

I asked Sarah if she wanted to go to Kuk Sool Won tonight, and she said yes.  I told her that classes might be canceled because it's so cold.  She said, "Oh no. Martial artists are tougher than that. I'm not even going to wear a coat!"  Two minutes later, I got an email saying that classes are canceled due to extreme cold.  I told Sarah and she scoffed, "Wimps!"

Sarah was curled up next to me, watching me play Candy Crush.  I was grumbling about how I've been stuck on level 452 for weeks, while my friend Penny passed it in a day.  I concluded my tirade with, "Is there anything Penny can't do?!"  Sarah promptly replied, "She can't do a cartwheel."  (Mind you, Sarah doesn't even know Penny). 
Me: How do you know?
S: Because moms can't do cartwheels.
M: I can do a cartwheel.
S: But you're not a real mom.  You're just a birth mom.
M: Ummmm....yeah.  I am YOUR real mom, even though I'm not your birth mom. 
That's how conversations around here can take a turn, and I'm left wondering how we went from Candy Crush to birth mothers in less than 10 seconds.

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