Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baking with Jesus

Sarah and I are in the kitchen.  She's making cookies.  I'm washing dishes.  She puts the butter in the microwave to soften.
Me: You'll probably have to leave it in a little longer than you usually do, because I just took the butter out of the freezer a few minutes ago.
S: How long should I set it for?  40 seconds?
M: (turning back to the sink) Check it at 40.
S: What? Ask the Lord?  Ok...
[folds her hands, closes her eyes, says, "Lord, how long should I cook the butter?", nods, opens her eyes and tells me, "He said 45."]
M: I didn't say to ask the Lord; I said to check it at 40.
S: Oh!  Well anyway, it's always good to ask the Lord, right?
M: Absolutely.  If He said 45, do 45.
[45 seconds later...]
S:  It's perfect!  Jesus really knows his baking!

Then she whipped out this song:

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