Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Yesterday's "home"school day involved being home only one hour all day.  We only opened one book all day, but we did plenty of school.  We volunteered at Samaritan Ministries all morning (volunteer work is part of our curriculum), and went to Forest Park Nature Center in the afternoon (which covered science and P.E.).  We stopped for an ice cream treat on the way home, where they learned what NOT to order when they go out on dates in the future (don't get an ice cream cone that requires you to flap your tongue out unattractively and can result in a melting, sticky mess).  Then Noah lost his first baseball game of the season after a five-game winning streak.  He could have learned a lesson about sportsmanship there, but he's already a good sport.  Then we went to a church softball game at 9:00 and finally hit our beds close to 11:00 p.m. 
 We folded thousands of newsletters.  Now the kids can put "office work" on their resumes.

 Doing a science treasure hunt at the nature center.

 Hiking the trails with friends at Forest Park.

He got a "Freight Train Wizard" at the Ice Cream Shack.  It had 9 different kinds of chocolate candy in it!

Today they are learning how to read medical bills and talk to insurance companies, by watching me do it and asking questions.  They also learn a lot from my parents' travels. Today my parents taught them what to do if the airline destroys your luggage.  Then I made the kids look at beautiful pictures of amazing trees while they listened to Paul Robeson sing about trees, and I read them one of my favorite poems ("Trees" by Joyce Kilmer) and the parable of the mustard seed from the Bible.  Science, poetry, art & music appreciation, and worship: done.

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