Monday, May 26, 2014

The homeschool day that keeps me going

Last week we had one of those days where I'm glad we homeschool.  It was midmorning, and we were sitting around doing our usual school stuff when the neighbor girl knocked on the door and said her 5-year-old sister was missing.  We threw on our clothes (yes, we weren't dressed yet) and fanned out in different directions to look for her.  A few blocks up the street, I saw a woman outside and stopped to ask her if she had seen a little girl.  She said yes, and just then, the little truant appeared from the back yard.  I took her home and set off to round up the rest of the posse.

I found a couple of them at the closest park. They had sent the other one to the next park.  We started heading that way and met her on her way back.  I glanced at a yard as we rode by and thought I spotted a bunny nest.  I stopped the posse, and we all went back to look at it, hoping to see baby bunnies.  It was a fenced yard, and we needed to get in there.  One of the kids suggested climbing the fence, but I said we should really ring the doorbell and ask permission.

When I rang the bell, a pleasant looking middle-aged man answered.  I explained that I had some homeschooled kids with me and were wondering if he would mind if we checked out the bunny nest in his back yard.  He was more than accommodating, opening the gate for us and showing us his chickens, garden, etc.  He said there had been four dead bunnies in the nest but it was empty now.  He let us go in the chicken coop and even let each kid take an egg home. 
Noah ate his egg for lunch.

He was great with the kids as he talked with each of them. He reminded me of a cross between Jesus and Mister Rogers.  On the way home, I told the kids that God honors us when we do the right thing.  If we had just jumped the fence, all we would have seen was an empty nest, but since we did it the right way, we got to meet an interesting, intelligent, kind neighbor who shared a little of his life with us.  It was a much better education than we were doing at home with the books. 

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