Wednesday, May 21, 2014

unfair baseball rules

Noah is explaining baseball to Sarah, and I'm amazed at how much she doesn't know.  She keeps coming up with different scenarios to ask Noah about. 
Sarah: Ok. Let's say you hit the ball and it goes way up in the sky.  If someone catches it, are you out?
Noah: Yes.
Sarah: Why?
Noah (looking blank):  Because...just because...that's the rules, Sarah.  If someone catches a fly ball, you're out.
Sarah: So you have no chance to score then?
Noah: No, not if you're out.
Sarah: Oh.  But what if you run really fast and you make it to first base before they catch the ball?
Noah:  You're still out.  If you hit a fly ball and it's caught, you're out.  That's it.
Sarah:  What?!  But that's so unfair!

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