Monday, December 5, 2016

Cauliflower tacos

With a title like that, I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads this.  I was so intrigued by the idea of turning cauliflower into taco meat that I had to try it.

Walnut, mushrooms, and cauliflower get diced up to the size of crumbled ground beef, add spices, roast it for 45 minutes, and it magically becomes taco meat.  I was lucky to find the cauliflower pearls marked down to half price.  Saved me a lot of work. 
 The "meat" after it roasted in the oven.  The recipe called for 2 T. of chili powder, but I think I would cut back on that a little next time.
 I had a taco salad and fruit salad for dinner.  Delicious!
 Noah had a hard shell taco. Actually he had 3 or 4.  He loved it.
Mike was very open minded about trying it, and he liked it!  He had a soft shell with cheese.

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Nerma Frieden said...

I have never heard of cauliflower tacos, but it does look yummy.