Sunday, December 11, 2016

Korean food and Justin Spring

Sarah had a gymnastics meet in Champaign last night.  There are several Korean restaurants there, and having Korean kids requires us to eat at one.  We chose Good Fella Korean Bistro.  We were the only patrons the whole time we were there.

I love the little dishes of free stuff they give you in Korean restaurants.  This was all very good except the kimchi.  I've tried and tried to like kimchi, but I just don't.
 This was my vegetable udon dish, which was tasty but drowning in oil.  I drained off a good 1/4 cup of oil and still consumed a lot.
 Noah's dish was really good too.  I'm assuming these tentacle/antennae looking things are some kind of mushroom?
On to the gymnastics meet...It was the 10th annual Justin Spring Invitational in Champaign.  Here's the Gym Corner Excel team:

 The meets are very long, especially for the poor brothers of the gymnasts.
 The Gym Corner Excel teams
 Sarah trying to communicate with me from the competition floor.
 Sarah chatting with Grace between events.
 The famous Justin Spring himself talking to the girls before awards. He's a former Olympic gymnast.
 Sarah was excited to win a medal.  5th place on bars.

 She was even more excited when she got another medal.  4th place on balance beam. 
The Gym Corner won 2nd place team in the Excel silver division.

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