Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Florida trip--day 1

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
4:00 a.m. Woke up with a bad attitude. Prayed for God to change it. 
5:00 a.m.  14 degrees.  I went out to check the mailbox.  Suddenly I was facedown on the snow-and-ice-covered driveway.  Thankful that nothing was broken.  Good attitude changer.  Be careful what you pray for.
5:23 a.m. Leaving 7 minutes ahead of schedule after a prayer huddle in the kitchen.  Dark and very cold.
 Sarah wearing her new light-up cat ears headphones.
Listening to Mr. Stinky Feet's Road Trip.  Random Noah quote: "Ed Olehy [older guy from our church] is a beast."
5:38 a.m.  As we're approaching Goodfield, we see a mysterious light in the sky.  It looks somewhat like a big orange moon.  Mike and I discussion about it. Could it possibly be the moon?  A UFO?  Nope, it's the sign for the Shell gas station.  Noah quote: "I'm going to take a nap.  If I sleep through the breakfast stop, please get me 3 breakfast tacos if we're at Steak & Shake or an egg mcmuffin and 2 hashbrowns if we're at McDonald's or a ham and egg flatbread if we're at Subway."
6:45 a.m.  Steak & Shake in Champaign.  During several violations of the terms of the waiver, Mike and I engaged in fantasies about transportation of teenagers, including putting them in a cage ("When we arrive, they'd be bloody, starving, and swimming in their own urine"), an eject button, sedate them, freeze them...
7:00 a.m.  Watching "Duck Dynasty".  Sun starting to come up.
11:05 a.m.  Went from IN to OH and back to IN again.  ?  Mike and I are fantasizing about living half the year in CO and half in AZ.
11:08 a.m.  Now we're in KY!  We went through three states in three minutes!
11:53 a.m.  Our first stop is the newly built Noah's ark replica.  Mike told the kids that we're five miles from the ark so they should be watching for the first glimpse of it on the right.
N: Is that the ark?
Me: No, that's a barn.
S: Is that the ark?
Me: No, that's a gas station.
N: Is that the ark?
Me: No, that's a hotel.
12:00 p.m.  Ark!  32 degrees.  Much warmer than what we've been used to at home.  Sarah said, "It's so warm out here!"

 Bus ride from the parking lot to the ark.
 Noah on his ark.
 This is a very cool part of the ark: the door.  In Noah's day, the only way to be saved was to go through the door of the ark.  Now the only way to be saved is through Jesus, who is the door. I didn't even notice the cross on the door when I took this picture!
2:00 p.m.  Leaving the ark.  The nice lady selling admission tickets let us use her pass to get half off!  I told her we could only stay two hours and asked if we could all have the children's rate, but she did even better than that.  This is my reward for submitting to my husband, because when we were planning this trip, I wanted to visit the ark at night when the price was half the usual rate.  He disagreed, and I submitted.  And we got half off anyway!
Mike bought the ticket lady some fudge at the ark gift shop.

4:00 p.m. entering our fifth state of the day (TN) and changing time zones for the third time. We're really not sure what time it is.
5:00 p.m.   Note for next time: Don't go through Nashville during rush hour, and if we have to, make sure everyone has gone to the bathroom before we get into traffic. Noah said, "Good thing I don't have good underwear on so if I make a mistake I can just throw it away."
5:35 p.m. Finally arrived at hotel in Franklin, TN. Went to Cool Springs Galleria Mall across the street.

The kids bought some candy at Candy Craze at the mall.

8:30 p.m. I'm taking kids to the pool.
10:20 p.m. So tired and sore. Going to bed.

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