Monday, December 19, 2016

FL trip--the day before

Tomorrow we plan to leave for Florida at 5:30 a.m.  Today we are packing and preparing.  Mike changed the oil in the van; the kids packed their bags; I'm doing snacks, final kitchen stuff, and breaking the news to the cats.  I also drew up a waiver for everyone to sign.  We had a meeting, during which there was lots of discussion about proposed revisions, amendments, punishment for violations, etc.  Sarah felt that a "no farting" clause should be added, as she is the least stinky among us and has to ride in the back with the most stinky.  However, it was determined that bodily functions are uncontrollable, so that was vetoed.  Noah, on the advice of his attorney (Marty the cat), engaged in a filibuster and was reluctant to sign until #11 was revised.  He made several valid points, resulting in the revision of #11, after which he signed, albeit still rather reluctantly.

The moment I told Shiloh we were leaving in the morning.

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