Monday, December 26, 2016

FL trip--day 7

6:00 a.m. Classical Stetch in the living room and then a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise. I was gone a long time but got hardly any exercise because I had to stop to take a picture of these pretty flowers:
 and wonder what made this hole:
 and wonder if this was a cat pawprint:
 and take tons of pictures of the sunrise:
 and talk to this bird (and many others):
 and take a picture of this pretty seaweed that washed up on the beach:
 and wonder what kind of vine this is:
 and notice that this chunk of cement looks like a fried egg:
 and watch this snail slither along:
 and pick up all these treasures from the sea.
Later we fed seagulls on the beach:

and the kids made a smiley face that would be visible from our balcony:
Later in the day, I decided to add hair and a tongue.  I gathered up old palm leaves and pink flower petals from the ground and placed them in the appropriate places on Smiley.  The boys were looking down from the 11th floor balcony and gave me the thumbs up sign.  Then a truck from the Sheriff's office pulled up nearby and told someone they couldn't have their dog on the beach.  After warning the violator, he started driving...right towards Smiley.  The boys started yelling and flailing their arms from 11 floors up, and I was chasing the truck to try to stop it, but it ran right over Smiley.  My tongue, which I thought was so huge while I was making it, looks more like a zit from way up here, and you can't see the hair at all.  He looks kind of like a ninja turtle with the tire tracks on him:
I took the four boys shopping at Silver Sands outlet mall.
We played frisbee on the beach at sunset, fed the ducks, and went to Jeff & Amy's for Dad's birthday dinner. 

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