Sunday, August 25, 2013

BHRT--day 3

Sunday, 8/25/13
Up early, watching birds, having breakfast.

 I would love to go to this place.  I'm a big fan of optional clothing.

8:00 a.m. leaving for Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Another beautiful drive.
 We felt like we were the only ones in the world!
8:40 a.m.  first glimpse of the dunes, still many miles away.
 9:30 arriving at the dunes

 He preferred digging to hiking.

 This is what Mike looked like coming off the dunes.  
We left the dunes around noon and drove up to the trail that leads to Zapata Falls.
 Then we hiked the rocky trail uphill,

 did some rock climbing,

and steam wading,

 to get to the falls!

1:10 p.m. leaving Zapata Falls
2:40 p.m. gas in Poncha Springs $3.56/gal x 12.296 gal = $43.88
3:00 p.m..  Mike just ran over a snake in the road.
3:19 p.m.  arriving at our cabin for the week.  More pictures of that tomorrow.  The rest of the day was spent hauling, showering, laundering (some of us have been wearing the same clothes for 3 days), unpacking, making a grocery run, eating, getting ready for bed.

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