Monday, August 26, 2013

BHRT--day 4

Monday, 8/26/13
I got up at 5 a.m., put on my winter coat, went outside to watch the sunrise over the mountains.

Took a short walk, and then I sat in a chair for about three hours.  Now THIS is a vacation!
 Ruby-throated hummingbird.  They are constantly buzzing around, making a sound that reminds me of Shiloh's purring.

The underside of a Steller's Jay.  They make a horrible squawking noise.

 Noah feeding the birds

 Steller's Jay.  Sarah says they have mohawks.

 Female Hairy Woodpecker

Haven't been able to identify this one yet.  Anyone know?

It took me three hours to read Matthew 21, because I was constantly distracted by God's creation all around me.  See that little chipmunk on the right, climbing up the feeder?

 Black-throated sparrow standing on my leg

and eating out of my hand!

I got for a minute to help Mike hang the hammock, and I left my pile of food on the Bible. Didn't take long for this chipmunk to get saved!

 hanging the hammock (with his ever-present bear-killing knife attached to him)

Looking at the mountains.  I don't think I've seen him looking this happy and relaxed since our honeymoon.

We hiked up the road and found lots of interesting things: grasshoppers that click when they fly, Lost Creek,  a swing and merry-go-round in the middle of the woods, piles of deer scat, etc.

12:00 p.m. Fish sticks and fruit for lunch.  Kids are getting excited for Grandma and Grandpa's arrival. 

 We had a team scavenger hunt.  Noah and I vs. Sarah and Mike.

Noah running to the finish line for the win.

 Noah feeding a bird on his hand.

Sarah was sad that all the birds picked Noah. No matter what she did, they always landed on him.  

Finally, after Noah went inside, a bird landed on Sarah's hand. She said, "Oh, Mommy, they do like me!"

Grandma and Grandpa arrived, and Sarah had this bouquet all ready to give to Grandma.  We ate dinner, did dishes (no dishwasher here), went for a walk, and watched Must Love Cats on DVD.

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