Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BHRT--day 5

Tuesday, 8/27/13

 Mom & Dad feeding birds.

 The birds liked Dad best.

Mt. Princeton, which Mike has dubbed Nipple Mountain.

 Riding the wooden horse in front of the cabin.

9:30 Mom, Mike, kids, and I are going to Mt. Princeton Stables to ride horses.  There was a friendly cat there named Mango.

 Cowboy Mike riding Amigo, a great horse.

 Me on a nasty horse named Boston.  He was my payment for bragging about all my riding experience.  Next time, I'm going to say I've never ridden before, so they'll give me a nice horse.  

Sarah riding Mrs. Cash, and Noah on Buttercup.

11:45 a.m.  Back to the cabin for lunch. 
 Noah finds it amusing to hang his underwear on the antlers.

Mom, Dad, Mike, and Noah are drinking coffee.  I'm drinking creamer.

The rest of the day was spent hiking around the cabin, working on a puzzle with Grandpa, eating pizza and sweet potatoes, and taking pictures of birds.

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