Thursday, August 29, 2013

BHRT--day 7

Thursday, 8/29/13
7:00 a.m.  got up, had quick breakfast, headed out to find Bunny Lake (aka Wrights Lake) to go fishing.  Got lost, asked a friendly Coloradoan, found it.

  I tried to open the chain that held the gate closed.  Unsuccessful.  Mike tried for several minutes before sending the kids through, because they are small enough to fit through the gap between the fence and the gate.  Just as I was determining whether my ample hindquarters would squish flat enough to go through, Sarah grabbed the chain and easily opened it.  It was really quite simple.  Not sure how we adults missed it.

 Most beautiful place I've ever fished.  Mike & kids are on the shore of the lake on the right.  Too sunny there for me.  

 Sarah getting her lure ready. 

 She is a good fisherwoman!  She caught more than anyone else.

 Noah caught several too.  I caught a bunch with my camera, but none with my hook. Mike's one catch was the first of everybody. He would have caught more, but was busy unsnagging lines, unhooking fish, etc.

 Back at the cabin with our haul.  Seven lovely rainbow trout.

 Pan-fried trout for lunch

Spent the afternoon at Mt. Princeton hot springs.  Interesting place! The water comes out of the earth at 140 degrees, but the hot springs are right next to Chalk Creek, whose water is super cold.  So if you arrange the rocks just right, you get the perfect balance of cold water trickling in from the creek to the hot springs.

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