Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Actual conversation with my teenager

My son is very passionate about minecraft. I've observed him playing this incomprehensible (to me) game with his friends many times. In an effort to understand, I had the following conversation with him at lunch:
M: So, what's the difference between a "pleb" and a "newb"?  [I've heard him saying these things when he plays minecraft.]
N: Good question.  Basically, a "pleb" is a person who makes dumb mistakes, like jumping off a bridge.  A "newb" is a person who just started playing and doesn't know what he's doing so puts on a full armor or something dumb like that. 
M: So they both do dumb things but the pleb knows better and the newb is ignorant?
N: Right!  And then there's the "scrub".  That's a person who's no good at PVP.  That's player versus player.
M: Well, how would you know if someone wasn't good at anything if they weren't playing PVP?
N: Huh?
M: Let's say some guy is just playing in his basement and...
N: Playing in his what?
M: Basement.
N: You mean minecraft or IRL?
M: What?
N: In real life.
M: Yes, I'm saying what if a person is playing minecraft in his real-life basement, as in the lower dwelling of his real-life house, and nobody sees him. He's just building his little world, not playing PVP. How would you know if he's no good at it?
N: Well, that's why he puts it on YT, so everyone will know how awesome he is.
M: YT?
N: YouTube.
M: Right. So even if you're a scrub, you could possibly have a perfectly awesome YT channel.
N: Right! What else do you want to know?
M: I know you've explained the whole "hashtag" thing to me many times, and I think I kind of understand that, but why do you say "hashtag" randomly in conversation?
N: Just being goofy. Plus it's fun to say "hashtag".
M: Ok, so in this egg war game I see you playing all the time, the goal is to keep your egg safe?
N: Yes, and also to get your opponents' egg.
M: Why don't you just go over there and get it?
N: Because they're guarding it, just like we're guarding ours.
M: So it's kind of like "Capture the flag"? [This is what our kids play with the neighbor kids when we make them turn off their screens and go outside.]
N: Yes! 
M: Or Stratego? [a board game I used to play as a kid, and Noah plays it when he goes to my parents' house]
N: Exactly!
M: Hey, I think I get it!
N: Well, except in Stratego and Capture the flag you can't respawn.
M: What?
N: If you die, you lose. But in minecraft if you get killed, you can respawn, you know, come back to life. Except you get sent back to your base and lose all your stuff.
There were a lot of specifics about when you can and can't respawn, and my brain was getting tired, but I think I have a better grasp on it overall. 

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