Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sarah's story

The Bee and The Acorns
by Sarah Janes

“Once upon a tree in a little girl's backyard hung an acorn. His name was Mr. Nut. He hung proudly with his wife, Mrs. Nut. They hung together for years and years...until a bee made its hive on the same branch. The bee's name was Katie. She said, “Hello, fellow hive workers!”
Mr. Nut said, “We are not bees. Sorry.”
Katie said, “But you must be bees though. You live on this earth.”
“Yes,” said Mr. Nut. “We live, but we are not bees.”
“But...” said Katie.
“We are acorns,” said Mr. Nut. “We are not bees. You must realize you need to make friends with more than just your kind. You must be friendly. I'll teach you the rules:

Never stop
Do good
Yearn for more.”

“Thank you,” said Katie. “Now I know that friendship is more valuable than nectar and more precious than honey.”


[Shared with author's permission.  When I asked her if I could put it on my blog, she said, "Sure. Nobody reads your blog anyway. It's a little creepy. No offense."]


atomictuba said...
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atomictuba said...

I read your blog! It's only creepy on rare occasions.