Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Homemade gas mask

I took Sarah with me to Kroger yesterday.  In the produce section there was a guy looking at grapes, which is right where I needed to be, so I went to the lettuce section while I waited for him to move on.  After he left, I pulled up in front of the grapes and was hit with a wall of b.o.  It was so nasty it made my eyes water.  I grabbed the first bag of grapes I saw and got out of there, making a mental note to stay far away from stinky guy.

When I got to the meat department, there he was, right where I needed to be.  After he left, I took a deep breath of unpolluted air before I began my approach.  Then I glanced to my right, and this is what I saw:
She had pulled up her hood and was using her hair as an air filter.  All that air I had just sucked in came out in a big guffaw because it was so funny.  She said, "Good thing Noah isn't here. He would have gagged."

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