Monday, September 21, 2015

Rainbow-colored snowflakes

I've been leading the kids in a Bible study about the attributes of God. This week we're starting on "omniscient", which got me sidetracked into a lesson on Latin roots.  Noah said the Latin root information was very useful and helped him in a lot of areas.  That was gratifying.  Back to omniscience...I read the verse about how God knows how many stars there are and He even knows the name of each one (Psalm 147:4).  I told them that God made each snowflake different from all the others, and He knows the design of every one.  Noah said, "I like to picture God at a computer, designing each snowflake, with the angels standing around Him, looking over His shoulder, nodding and exclaiming.  Do you think He ever throws in a rainbow-colored one? We'd never notice it among all the white ones."

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