Friday, September 11, 2015

Our annual Ackerman Farms trip

Sarah does handstands wherever we go.
 Picking out their annual free pumpkins.
God is good.  He was especially good to me today, because on the way to the farm I realized that my sun protective gear was in the other car. I prayed for clouds to cover the sun. Thick, dark clouds moved in from nowhere, and it was cloudy most of the time we were there.  One of the workers said, "Where did these clouds come from? I just checked the radar and there was nothing!" I know where they came from, and I am thankful.
This kitty was beautiful (you can't tell from this picture), and she literally attached herself to me when I bent down to pet her. She climbed me like a tree and I carried her around the whole time we were there.  I took all the pictures while she was hooked on my shoulder like a purse.  See that claw poised to dig into me? My left arm and shoulder were shredded with her happiness by the time we left.

I vowed a few weeks ago not to say anything to Noah about getting his hair cut.  It bugs me, but it's a minor thing and I'm choosing my battles.  I have had to bite my tongue many, many times.  Today he approached this llama at the farm and said, "Hey, we have the same haircut!"
 Right after I took this picture, I told Sarah, "Put your legs together. You look like a football player."
 There....that's better.
Noah looking pensive....
 and then laughing about it. 

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