Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stream of consciousness

I was driving Sarah to gymnastics in Washington, and she talked all the way there.  I transcribed some of it as soon as we got there so I wouldn't forget.

"I dreamed about heaven. I got hit in the head with a basketball and you were taking me to the doctor and I died on the way.  My seat and I floated up into the clouds and I saw Jesus sitting on a big throne with fake jewels all over it.  Well, maybe they were real jewels, but I've never seen real jewels so I  thought they were fake.  I did a back tuck and went through a cloud and landed on another cloud below it. There were horsish creatures that had wings and horns like unicorns and I got to ride on one!  And then I had another dream that I dug up the Mona Lisa in our backyard.  Not the painting but the actual person and she smelled really bad because she was decaying and being eaten by flies. She was still smiling though and I found the reason why she was smiling.  It was because she was laughing at a cat who had spaghetti on its head."

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