Monday, September 21, 2015


Last night's dream:
My family and I were on vacation, and we stopped at this huge mall-like place, but it had only high-end specialty shops, and there were food samples everywhere. You could eat as many samples as you wanted, and we wanted a lot.  There were all kinds of fudge, ice cream, fancy cheeses on little crackers, cakes, etc. I stuffed myself until my clothes exploded right off me, and then I kept on eating. I went into a fancy clothes store and put on an oversized fancy mumu, like a royal cape, and a tall feathery hat, all the while stuffing myself with food. Then I saw a lady I used to work with and haven't seen or thought about in 20 years, but there she was in my dream.  She came out of a dressing room with a black velvet purse, fringed with jewels, and asked me, "Do I look hot with this bag?" I said, "Yes, Jan, you look hot. You've always been hot, and you always will be." Then she started singing and dancing like a Broadway showgirl. I woke up with that song in my head, and now, four hours later, I still can't get it out.  I sang it for the kids, and now they're singing it too and glaring at me for getting it stuck in their heads too.  It's a very catchy little tune.  The words are: "I've got clothes in my hot-bag, I do.  I've got clothes in my hot-bag, for you."

I think I figured out what it means, and it's not deep.  Ever since I broke my arm six months ago, I've been steadily gaining weight, and very few of my clothes fit anymore.  Last night at movie night at church, I mowed through enough candy to feed a small village, and even my big elastic-waisted pants were tight on my blubber. That explains why I dreamed about eating enough to pop my clothes off and still eating more.  I was always a little jealous of Jan, because she was in her 50's when we worked together, and she was far better looking than I was in my 20's.  And the Broadway song probably comes from the Pumpkin Idol contest that Sarah was in last week. One of her fellow contestants did a very dramatic Broadway song that impressed me.  Dreams fascinate me.

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