Thursday, September 3, 2015

Noah's future car

Mike's Toyota Corolla has been good to us.  We bought it in November 2006 with 16,000 miles on it.  Now it has over 100,000 miles, but it's very dependable.  It has gradually been falling apart over the years.  One time it came home missing a little plastic piece from the front bumper.  Another time Marty got into a fight with another cat under the car, and they broke off a piece from underneath the car.  I backed into an illegally parked car one time and dented the bumper.  Someone rear-ended me after that, further denting the bumper (which we hadn't gotten fixed).
Mike drove over a hunk of ice last winter and knocked the muffler off.  A month ago, I was backing out of the garage and knocked the side mirror off. 
I fixed it up good as new with duct tape, hot glue, and rubber bands.  But the mirror eventually fell out, and we've been missing it, so I ordered a whole new side mirror online for $26.  
Mike had to take the door panel off to install it, but it didn't take very long.
Now we have a shiny new side mirror.  It was way more expensive to order it painted, so I just ordered the paintable black.  
Now it's unique and will be easier to spot in crowded parking lots.  As more pieces fall off, we'll just replace them with black to balance it out.  This will very soon be the car that Noah learns to drive in, so if it gets a little scratched and dented in the process, we won't be upset.

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